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    About Us


     Here we offer salads, sandwiches, soups, desserts, fresh fruit, homemade pie, creams, and homemade sauces for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Local and seasonal, always fresh, natural range, no hormones, farm raised meat. We tailor our seasoning marinate to give robust flavor. we have chosen the finest quality spices, herbs, fruits, grains and vegetables to help re-establish your immune system.


    Using our state-of-the art juicers and blenders, the Harp and Bowl is able to create a vast variety of smoothies, the best and only acai bowls in town and juice pressed in its natural form to provide a large, organic thirst-quenching menu.


    Harp and Bowl La Bistro is more than a place to grab a delicious meal.  We sell young coconut kefir, known for its myriad of health benefits. It's a probiotic drink that stops inflammation, that feeds on excess candida and helps to remedy leaky gut syndrome. We utilize natural remedies such as fermented vegetables, yellow root tea, and ginger shots to help promote health and wellness. We are also a certified vendor of body ecology products.

    Our Story

    Charlotte Ethridge

    My restaurant journey began in June 2000. I was diagnosed with cancer, so I turned to the Bible and began reading on Healing. This lead me to Food, Fasting, and Nutrition, which showed me to the Million Dollar Health Secret: “Food.” I began to detoxify my body and rebuild myself from the inside out with ancient food that I serve in my Restaurant. I am a body ecologist, certified culinary degree, and I have an agriculture license. My tours of Israel and research in the Middle East showed the value of ancient foods and remedies. Most food satisfies our taste but does not meet our nutritional needs. Our restaurant transforms your favorite foods into a meal that promotes healing. Fresh live juices, fermented cultured veggies, fresh young green coconuts water fermented are the magic keys here at the Harp and Bowl. There is a hidden treasure in Good Food. We should be accountable to the inside of our body at all times. That is the purpose of Harp and Bowl. With my diet and God’s help, I have been cancer-free for 20 years.